Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Learned It From My Mama!

Everytime I make a cut, or run anything through my sewing machine, I'm learning something new. My mom and friend En both taught me the basics in college, and from then on I've been pretty much self taught. Still trying to get through this stack of books however!

Remember this Dress?
More pics Here

Well, I used a new gathering technique that worked wonders with all the layers of lining and Tulle I used.

There are many techniques for gathering for a ruffle. You can use your machine if it's set right, there is a 'gathering foot', you can do a long stitch, and pray it doesn't break when you pull the thread, which it usually does, yet this is the technique I normally use.

Not Anymore! All you need is a little DENTAL FLOSS!

Yep, just do a zig zag stitch over the thread, set at the longest setting.

Worked like a charm. Need to invest in some unscented floss though. Melody smelled a bit minty when she wore her dress the first time!

Thanks MOM for this tip!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Treasury Lovelies

So this weekend I got hooked on Etsy Treasuries. All the sorting, searching, color coordinating, and prettiness, is enough to get anyone hooked!

I just wanted to display a few of my favorite lovely things I discovered, during my crazed Treasury fun!

These purses, and basically everything her shops page, I love!

image source

I love this picture of this ferris wheel so much. I'm loving the turquoise and yellow combo almost as much as grey and yellow!

And these!.....

image source

I love this taupe and blush pink broach. Amy fyi, I need to order one of these fo sho!
image source

This cake stand is amazing. I would never do it justice though.

image source

And this picture just makes me plain happy.

image source

Might need to seek rehab if this continues...

Treasury Links:
Taupe and pink

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meadow dress pics at the park

A couple weeks ago we took Melody to the park to get some pictures of one of the dresses I'm selling on Etsy. It's a peasant style dress. She did great, and I'm loving that she is at the age that I can get pics of her in the style of handmade dresses that I'm making!

I'm still only half way through the Nikon book for dummies (I read everything like 20 times), but i'm learning a lot and feel like i'm starting to get the hang of my camera!
So...Etsy? Yep! Posted a few 'ready to ship' dresses in this exact style! Check em' out here. This is what us advertising folks refer to as a 'soft launch'!

Wanted to take a quick break to share! Now back to sewing, I'm working to get more items up for Easter!