Saturday, April 23, 2011

A little collection

Love sewing books. Love the pictures. Love the detail and thought put into creating a book. And love that I can read a book written by someone, who one day turned their hobby into something to share with others. Also - the same reason I love reading blogs.

What I do have time for this week though, is to read up on some of my books! I got many of these for Christmas, but what I also got for Christmas is an Ipad (which I love), but is a huge distraction :-)

So while I do love the internet for trusty tutorials and inspiration, i'm going to spend some time with my books. I'm out of work for a week recovering from an appendectomy (ouch!), so I have the down time. It is already Thursday, so I better hop to it!

Melody's Spring Wardrobe

Melody's closet is getting jam packed with handmade goodies for the spring/summer, though I'm pretty sure the spring is gone already, since it's pretty short lived in the Carolina's! There are still many more items in my 'queue' to add, but look who else has been contributing.....

My Mom! She is a sewing fool right now, and is making the cutest little things! Melody sure is lucky! She's already made a handful of dresses, and as I'm typing this, I'm staring at a package that came yesterday with a couple tanks and an adorable romper! Thanks Nana!

I may consider outsourcing my designs, and send fabric straight to to my my mom :-)