Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks....

I'm thankful for so many things its hard to sum it up! Thanksgiving to us is just as much about friends as it is about family. We are so lucky to have friends that we consider 'family'. Although there was family we could not be with this year, we were so lucky to have spent the day with lots of family!

First off, I'm thankful for fall tablescapes, and no one does it better my friend Lainey (maybe Martha, but it would be stiff competition). It was gorgeous.

And of course I have to throw a pic of Melo in. Thankful is an understatement.

I'm thankful for these delicious bacon wrapped pear and goat cheese deliciousnesses. I can wait for a girls day lunch, to have these and 'pear'ed with some girls day wine!

And i'm thankful for my friend Brian's Grandma's stuffing (the best!) And equally thankful for Lainey who makes it every year.

Sooooo thankful for this guy!

I'm thankful that our friends and family go together so naturally. And thankful for wine and bonfires.

I'm thankful that this little girl had a great day, and that I caught this little chipmunk face on camera.

...And that I caught this little face on camera. Big buddy and Melo pooped out after a wonderful day...

Happy Thanksgiving! Time to switch modes, today we got our tree!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Upcycled (if you can call it that) shirt into leggings!

First project with my new serger = success! Kind of spur of the moment, but I pulled an old long sleeved tee from my closet, and looked at the sleeves and though, 'those would be good leggings!'
And to finish the look - put together this headband using this tutorial from Simple Analogy . I'm disappointed that I didn't completely follow the directions, because her flowers are so perfect! I will try again though for sure!
Do you like my purse? I heard it was in style :-)

I still have the whole shirt to use for something else, because this was literally just the sleeves. Oh - and this is one of those cheap-o Old Navy shirts that you buy to wear under sweaters and vests, that only last a season. Fabric is fabric right?!