Thursday, November 4, 2010

Upcycled (if you can call it that) shirt into leggings!

First project with my new serger = success! Kind of spur of the moment, but I pulled an old long sleeved tee from my closet, and looked at the sleeves and though, 'those would be good leggings!'
And to finish the look - put together this headband using this tutorial from Simple Analogy . I'm disappointed that I didn't completely follow the directions, because her flowers are so perfect! I will try again though for sure!
Do you like my purse? I heard it was in style :-)

I still have the whole shirt to use for something else, because this was literally just the sleeves. Oh - and this is one of those cheap-o Old Navy shirts that you buy to wear under sweaters and vests, that only last a season. Fabric is fabric right?!


  1. I love Upcycling things! Awesome! Did you take pics as you went a long? How about a tutorial? ;-)

  2. No pics. I'll try to capture it next time and post a tutorial :-)!

  3. Cute outfit! Too bad I don't have a little girl to use up all my over-one-season tee's on! I think the flower turned out great!