Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baby Chiarizia's Baby Shower!

Last weekend we celebrated the anticipated arrival of Baby Chiarizia. With much help, we threw my bestie Lainey, a grey and yellow themed baby shower.

Lainey has the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I have ever known, so It was fitting to have a dessert table!

Family traveled down from New York to be here, which was totally awesome. Friends and co-works came, and stayed despite the loss of power in the middle of the day on a 100 degree afternoon!
(Lainey and her momma!)

Adorable 'Buddy' cake made by her adorable cousin Kate.

Lots of lemonade!
Lots of Lemonade with rosemary infused Vodka! (Yummy!)
Lainey got so many adorable and useful gifts! I'm thinking it probably took her all week to put everything away!
And handmade gifts! Awesome super soft blanket that her mom knitted, and a cute blanket that her aunt made. Pretty awesome!
The only posed shot I got. Which I would have gotten a picture of everyone there!
Cheer up Lainey :-)
So excited for you guys, and wicked excited to meet the little one!
Thanks to everyone who made it, near and far to celebrate with Lainey!