Friday, June 10, 2011

A Not Too Dressy, Dressy Dress

I made this dress for Melody to wear at my my cousin's wedding back in March. Lots of family, lots of hugs, a beautiful wedding. I wanted something dressy, but not too 'Eastery'. Which is funny, since she ended up wearing it on Easter. Whatevs.

And even more whatevs is that it was TOO dressed up for our casual Easter Sunday, followed by emergency appendectomy (me not Melo :). But had to get one more wearing out of it!
I used Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush Viole. I've yet to meet a fabric from her collections that I don't like. A little see through for skirts and dresses, but tops are ok without having to line them.

I used tulle to give this dress some poof!
My favorite part actually is the back. It's very fitted, and I used fabric covered buttons for the back closer. Hard to see in this pic.

Her shoes matched perfectly, too bad she only got to wear them 2 times :-( Girl is starting to get more shoes than me!

I love this pic :-)

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