Monday, May 9, 2011

Photo Challenge - Motherhood

Not only do we want to share our creations with others we want them to look as pretty as possible. And ESPECIALLY if they are on our favorite subjects, our kiddos! And that means better pictures!

I'm in constant awe of all the amazing photos I come across on the web, and seeing photographers with such an eye for art through their lens. It's great to see their vision unfold in wonderful shots. My cousin Melanie with Room 118 photography being one of them!

I started reading I Heart Faces blog a while ago and have learned a lot about photography and have been inspired by both amateur and professional photographers. What an awesome resource and a great way to connect.

This weeks challenge is on Motherhood. This picture was taken of me and Melody last year on my very first Mother's Day. I love it. It's actually one of a set of many that I posted here.

So I'm submitting this photo to the challenge this week!

Yesterday I didn't get any pictures of Melody's and I together, but as I posted yesterday, I was able to spend the day with my mom as well, which was awesome.

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