Thursday, January 13, 2011

Resolutions - Finally!

So I'm a goals type of gal. Short term, long term, daily to-do's, you name it. I've been walking around in a bit of a fog since the start of 2011. Yes it's only been 13 days, but I've had this urging desire to get 'my list' down, so I can start the year! And now I can reference it, when I get sidetracked.

It's amazing how fast the weeks go by, leaving only the weekends for catching up on household things and spending time with my family. And you mix in weekend trips and the occasional visitors, that doesn't leave much time for all the projects that I'm dying to do! I really want to design more clothes and continue my Etsy shop. I really want to capture my projects and post tutorials, so everyone can be creative! I really want to blog more. And I really want to learn how to use my freaking camera! The list goes on.

Lots of to-do's in one year. So this is how I've decided to prioritize my free-time:

1.) Learn how to use my camera. The basics FIRST. I'm notorious for overcomplicating something. I do it with sewing too. Once I learn how to use my camera (hopefully this year. That's the point of a resolution right?), then I can start playing with PS and editing tools. Thanks hubs for pointing this one out to me. Duh.

2.) Home projects. Need new pillows, etc. I like doing this sort of stuff, but haven't made time for it.

3.) Sew for myself. This includes things I want to make for Melo, gifts, one-off projects etc. I keep thinking of things I want to design, sell, etc, that I get so overwhelmed, and end up doing none of it. With resolution #3, I (if it so works out)I would like to capture these projects with patterns, pictures, and tutorials, and post to my blog.

Doesn't seem like much, but I know it wont be 24 hours until I start getting ahead of myself on any of these!

In time I will add to this list my desire to selling and making patterns and clothes. Whew! Feel better already!

I'd also love to get more involved with the bloggy-blog world, since there are so many incredible ladies that I turn to for inspiration and tutorials. I'm in marketing, so I know exactly how to market myself, just don't have the time to do it. So for now I don't mind talking to my 10 readers :-)

Who else has some crafty resolutions?!


  1. My crafty resolution is to get scrappin again! I have sooo many unfinished projects that need
    attention, so I am resolving to finishing them.
    I started a photobucket account like 2 years ago with all of my scrapbook pages (photographed incase anything ever happened to them) and I want to return to that and be able to update it with my finished pages. I will let you know how that turns out! But I hear you, our weekends are so consumed and its tough to get done what you have in your head to get done!

  2. Great! Yeah, let me know how it goes!