Thursday, September 2, 2010

Minor Distraction

I'm not sure why i'm posting this. I for 1.) Don't have a single follower and 2.) am so super swamped I can hardly breath. I needed a break and just needed to buy something to get me through my day, so I came across these super cute felt flowers on Etsy.
With one click (order complete) Yay! Check them out on AMarketCollection. I'm seeing a fall jumper in Miss Melody's future! Of course by the time I get to it, it might be spring again!


  1. Dude, why are you not showing up in my reader. Re-following...

    Felt flowers=ADORABLE!

  2. I just signed up to follw since I was reading anonymously. Following.
    Love the Kimono dress Mel, super cute and my new fave style.