Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Mom helping the cause!

I keep coming across crafter's who are using their talent to generate donations to Haiti relief. Kiersten Hathcock, the creator behind Mod Mom Furniture is no exception! She makes beautiful modern storage that you would want to see in your kids room, or anywhere really. Her designs are so cool!

So Mod Mom Furniture has set up a raffle on her blog that ends today! I only stumbled upon it today, or I would have posted this earlier. Each entry is $10, and all donations will go to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief. I know i'm decreasing my chances on winning, by spreading the word, but it's so worth it! Thank you Mod Mom Furniture for working on this piece and organizing this raffle for such a worthy cause!

Now check out her site, enter the raffle, and spread the word!

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